3 most popular festivals in Israel

Israel is a country rich of history. A country still surviving holding the political, religious and sociological history of ancient times worth more than 2000 years. Hence, some festivals being performed trace their origin to hundreds of years Before Christ (BC). Others are the integration of new and old cultures with emerging trends in the modern world. However, cultures and festivals evolve with time and thus create unique and extraordinary experiences each time.

Tamar festival (October 15-18)

It is one of the newest Music and Art Festival in Israel. It consists mostly of rock music performances and displays. The festival is held annually with current dates for the year 2019 already released. The dates are stipulated to be on Tuesday 15th October 2019 to Friday 18th October 2019. It is normally done from 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm which takes about five days to complete. The event is very interesting with the local taste of Israeli musicians. It has options for camping. The residents are served with the best rock music from highly talented musicians in the country. The line-up of some of these musicians includes IdanRaichel, Ehud Banai, Balkan Beat Box, AsafAvidan, and Mosh Ben-Ari. There are other additional singers such as Groovatron, MC Carolina and the US import Mutisyahu. There is also international artist Suzanne Vega accompanied by RaananaSymphonette.

The Tamar Festival is held in August after Jewish High Holy Days. It is normally located in Sukkot at venues around Massada. The stage has been identified as Massada along the Dead Sea area. This is approximately 225 NIS. This venue provides a unique experience from beautiful scenery with breathtaking views of the deserts. The performances are actually classical that creates exceptional long-lasting memorable experiences to the participants. Morning rock music produced live in these scenic and aesthetic places wakes up the early risers of ravers camping nearby oasis. The music is a combination of international, local, East and West which makes perfect mixtures for the International DJs. The encounters with such new moments create chilly down the spine. Tamar Festival is held in the desert which is the best antidote for the rains in the summer.

This festival is featured with blends of Arts and Music Installations. Hence, the scene is awesome to watch with electronic art designs. The main music stage is highly decorated with massive implements that make megastructures in the display. Therefore, the site has a large audiences’ arena with free space for enjoyment. Extended to further West is the audience walkways which creates beautiful views of the morning sunrise. Thus, most of the desert scenery is punctuated with decorative horizons. Hills and valleys indicating the general landscape of the Negev Desert. There are Tzfatmountains in Galilee to the Negev Desert. Israel Music scene as both brisk and bustling features.

This festival is marked with Israeli musical diversity and cultural sight that has an ambient display of Tel Aviv.

Zorba the Buddha festival (April 23-27)

This is an ancient and religious related festival. Just like the ancient observance of spiritual matters before The New Testament was installed is the current Zorba the Buddha. It is normally associated with spirituality, music, dance, and meditation. It was founded in 2003. The Buddha Festival is usually held in NahalShittim, Hadaro near the Negev. Zorba The Buddha Festival always takes five days, starting on the third Tuesday of the month. This year it took place from Tuesday 23rd April 2019 to Saturday 27th April 2019. This event is a religious festival which incorporates important aspects of Buddhism and social arts such as music and dance. The event is attended by over 4000 participants all over the world. It creates a unique experience in social connection as well as a spiritual expression. Buddha traditions and culture are mostly dominated by countries from Asia. Hence, the Middle East, Israel among them, is underway installing this old religious traditions and cultures. It has unique activities such as Meditation Therapy, Ecstatic Dance and Magical Music sessions. During Meditation Therapy, participants sit on large mats and stretch their hands freely. These exercises transform into yoga. Hence, they produce inducing proper co-ordination of the body and mind connection. The spirit is uplifted as a result of meditation effects with desired spiritual relieves. The dances performed during this event are enjoyable for ultimate satisfaction. In addition, the music is much more fantastic with live performances and mixes.

The DJs put on soul touching music which readily relaxes the mind. The comfort of having the music mixes from International DJs which are widely receptive concerts than any other live performance in the festival.

Zorba The Buddha Festival is a biannual festival that takes place twice per year. It is held twice per year in two different places. These places include the Desert Ashram in the Negev during spring and in Sukkot.

This festival event involves camping and hence tents are used. The largest occupation in attendance is by renting tents. Some people make temporary unions which are developed from social bonding during the festival. The interactions are mutual and others take an extra step towards permanent relationships. Thus, these interactions are important in creating healthy relationships in life. Hence, the Buddha Festival has been associated with romance for the couples seeking intimate relationships in their marriage.

International Jerusalem arts and craft festival (August)

This festival is also known as the HutzotHayotzer Festival. It is an annual event which runs for about ten days. This festival takes place in August. A wide range of people come to witness the different work of arts and crafts presentations. Included are both, local and international artists. For instance, the jewelers, the sculptors, and the painters. These display of arts and crafts work are done in Sultan Pool and Mitchell Gardens, the Old City of Jerusalem, opposite Tower of David.

The designs of these artifacts tend to depict various aspects of Israel. Themes created tend to nurture certain important information from different perspectives such as the political, social or socioeconomic background of Israel. It also tends to portray the attached important history of Jerusalem. This makes the tourists flock Jerusalem for the search of these phenomena. The city is endowed with both religious and business hub center in Israel. It is one of the oldest cities in Israel.

The fair brings on board a series of singers and artists all around the globe. The most top performances schedule to the last day. This stage is occupied by at least one Israeli singer once per day during the festival. Hence, this makes the event intrinsic to the locals as well as international visitors.

The importance of this fair is to showcase different talents in arts and crafts. The participants come from all over the world including North America, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. This festival is suitable for families seeking unique experience with arts and craft.

The show has major significance to people of Israel. The portraits display unique principles. Some include radical inclusion. The communal effort geared to create sustainable development in the economic sector. In addition to that, HutzotHayotzer Festival targets to achieve civic responsibility in the public education of the Israelis. The fair also promotes radical self-expression that seeks to address issues raised on the extremist groups. It tries to conserve old traditions of Israel such as the Oldest Music Festival in Israel through decommodification. However, this Jerusalem Arts and Craft Festival nurtures new gifting. The new and young talents are promoted through.

Fresh Point Contemporary Art Fair is another alternative platform to showcase art-related talents. Such arts that blend collection of artistic work demonstrate entire participation of global artists. Hence, the fair call upon rich cultures that cut across different continents. Some of them are 100s of top-and-coming Israelis artists. Including international artists from first world countries.

The show is not only limited to immediacy but leaving no trace of artistic work. About 100 film and shows are screened during the fair in different stages. The whole show is a heatwave of activities featuring top artists in Israel and abroad.

The Jerusalem Arts and Craft Festival has close resemblance with other major shows in the country and abroad. Having it done in August in Jerusalem where other shows are held bring into attendance so many people. Just like SafedKlezmer Festival, Red Sea Jazz Festival and Oldest Music Festival all take place in August in Israel which makes it a festive season. People of all walks of life from mountains of Tzfat in Galilee to the Negev Desert are drawn to these festivals.

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List of other major festivals

February — Red Sea Jazz Festival

April — Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair

May — Musrara Mix Festival, Open House, DocAviv International Documentary Film Festival, The Israel Festival (spring)

June — Tel Aviv Pride Week (summer)

July — Tel Aviv White Night (Laila Lavan)

August — HutzotHayotzer (Jerusalem Arts and Craft Fair), Woodstock Revival Festival, SafedKlezmer Festival, Red Sea Jazz Festival, the Oldest Music Festival in Israel

December — Jacob’s Ladder Music Festival

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