4 Exciting Things to Do in Lombok, Indonesia

Lots of folks who come to Indonesia searching for a beach vacation choose to see Bali. Lombok Island, however, is only a ferry ride away. If you want to get away from the crowds and go someplace a little less commercialized, then Lombok is a superb place to start.

Several highlights of this island include its stunning white sand beaches and clean seas and some of the best snorkeling and diving opportunities to be had in Indonesia. It is also the house of the famous Mount Rinjani, so if you like trekking, then a trip up to the summit of the active volcano is not to be missed. You can also find a slower pace of life here, as well as a more relaxed setting. And suppose you want something different that is still easy to get from Bali, then Lombok is a perfect choice. Here are the exciting things to do in Lombok.

  1. Surfing

Western surfers first awoke to Lombok’s incredible appeal, providing the origin of today’s tourist industry. And it is the island’s southern shore they were attracted to. From Ekas from the east to Desert Point in the west, this varied series of bays, reefs, and rocky inlets provide the best number and quality of breaks in Lombok. Unlike Bali, when browsing peaks in the dry season (April to October), Lombok’s breaks are usually at their best during the wet (approximately November through March).

  1. Trekking at Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani, Indonesia’s second-highest volcano. The primary of Winding up its jungle-clad slopes (which takes several days) reveals an ever-changing succession of fecund tropical vistas. Once you reach the summit, the sight of jaw-dropping sunrises and volcanic calderas, and a feeling of conquering the whole island, are your rewards. Green trekking initiatives such as path side garbage removal make it possible to give back something to this incredible, active volcano, sacred to groups of Sasaks and Hindus. It is also worthy to while away several pleasant hours hiking in little-visited Taman Wisata Alam Kerandangan.

  1. Get a Party

Lombok’s party scene is not technically on the island in any way. But it is on small offshore satellites, the Gilis. And also one Gili in general, Gili Trawangan, is internationally renowned for beach parties, raucous hostel pubs, and blissful beachside cocktail joints. While there is more to Gili than layback drinks and excitable twenty-somethings, it is apparent what many come here seeking. The scarcely clad young things that throng its streets, hung-over but discussing what is going down after that night, is all of the confirmation needed.

  1. Fishing

A less alternative way to explore Lombok’s briny bounty is to take a guided fishing excursion. Whether you talk your way with the larger boats or onto a traditional outrigger boat, you can expect bottom and deep-sea fishing for tuna, trevally, wahoo, mackerel, sailfish, and tons of other species. You can also use a solid safety record of a contemporary sport-fishing outfit. With reefs, sea walls, and deep channels surrounding the island, there are plenty of diverse spots to sink a line, depending on what you’re chasing. Bangko Bangko (Desert Point), the Lombok Strait to Bali, and the sea wall beyond the Gilis are right spots.

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