Best Ways That You Can Eat Steak

Any diet with enough protein may sound great but, as per the health experts, taking too much red meat may not be too complementary to our health and can increase your early death risk by almost 20%. This would mean that you must stick to your fish, chicken or even lumpy protein shakes as well as occasion steak but not on a daily basis.

Rib’N Reef offers in its elegant setting, a best restaurant in Montreal, which has a reputation forged throughout their 56 years of gastronomy know-how. Their steakhouse restaurant will offer a range of varied and refined flavours. You can always enjoy an exceptional dining experience whenever you visit!

Fruits can also be the best nutritional complement along with any steak. Citrus fruits are particularly popular, hence any chance if you get to add a few lemon, orange, lime, or pineapple along with your steak then it is great!

Following are a few side dishes that can perfectly complement your steak.

  1. Goat cheese salad

Usually savory steak is quite heavy, but with fresh goat cheese that is breaded and baked until crispy on the outside with nice and gooey inside placed on a bed of arugula, together with walnuts and a few slices of pear which can be a perfect pair with meat.

  1. Green bean casserole

With any main meal, green beans can go well, and your steak food will get a decidedly little lighter makeover here. In between the steak and green bean side, you will feel as if you are at a steakhouse at your own home.

  1. Melted brie along with vegetables

Those who like brie cheese will surely love this dish too. Along with thin red onion slices, red pepper, pear, zucchini and melted brie, steak will not bland when it is paired with this kind of colorful side dish too.

  1. Crispy rosemary potatoes

If you like steak with potatoes, then of course this simple dish will be a perfect pairing for your steak. The rosemary will make these roasted cubes of potato stand out from any of its competitors.

  1. Honey roasted carrots

With red meat, it will be better to add a little light veggie on your plate in order to counterbalance your calories as well as saturated fat. They are extremely easy for preparing and may take just 45 minutes.

  1. Split pea soup

A soup can warm your soul and also fill your belly. By taking creamy, veggie-filled soup, you can split your steak serving in half, which can also save your calories and also saturated fat.

Enjoy your beef at a steakhouse with your dear ones. 

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