Here are the reasons why should you visit to Japan

If you are still in doubt about the trip to Japan, do not be discouraged. This is more common than you might think. Weigh pros and cons. It is a decision that will change your life and that of your family for quite some time. So, see the list below with some reasons that should help you to take the courage to embark to Japan private tours.

Strong economy

The Japanese economy is one of the largest in the world, behind the United States – where immigration is restricted – and China. With the aging population, Japan needs more and more work force.

Work for descendants

If you or your spouse is of Japanese descent up to the third generation, feel privileged: the Japanese job market is at your disposal.

Discover the main tourist attractions

In addition to working and saving money, you can take advantage of the opportunity to be just a few hours away from the world’s most famous tourist attractions. If you live in the Kanagawa or Saitama area, you will have easy access to Tokyo. If your new city is in Aichi or Shizuoka, you will be close to Osaka or traditional Kyoto. All connected by an efficient train system. You can also discover the tropical paradise of the islands of Okinawa, just a few hours away by plane.

Cradle of technological innovations

Japan is the birthplace of the most surprising technological innovations. Bullet trains, state-of-the-art cell phones, high-speed internet connections are all part of everyday life for those who live in the country.

No violence

Japan is one of the countries with the fewest firearm homicides. You will be calm, in a place with low rates of violence.

Contact with millennial culture

Japan is the perfect place for fans of this culture, which includes martial arts, Japanese calligraphy, classical Japanese dance-drama, origami and ikebana, in addition to traditional cuisine. While investing heavily in technology, the Japanese keep traditions alive, teaching them to children in schools or practicing them in clubs, associations and festivals. By living in the East, you will be able to have contact with the rich local civilization and even participate in Japanese cultural manifestations.

Financial stability

In Japan, there are no surprises. You can find the long-awaited financial stability in the country and, even if the factory where you work closes, it will not be very difficult to find another job with similar remuneration.

Quality of life

Japan is among the 10 countries with the highest Human Development Index (HDI), ahead of European nations such as France, Italy and Great Britain. That means access to good hospitals, good food and other resources from a first world country.

Explore a land of contrasts

Gigantic buildings and classic wooden dwellings, wide avenues and narrow streets, temple and neon lights, high-speed train and rickshaw, which is a human-powered means of transport in which a person pulls a 2-wheeled cart. It also has everything from sushi to hamburgers, geishas and exotic characters. Disparate elements live harmoniously in Japan.

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