Hidden Gems of the Pacific Northwest

Renowned for its natural beauty, the Pacific Northwest offers an amazing selection of sites to visit. From its beaches to mountain ranges to waterfalls, the Pacific Northwest truly has something for everyone. Must see waterfalls should be on your list of hidden gems to explore in the Pacific Northwest.

Palouse Falls

Designated as Washington State’s waterfall, this should certainly be on your list of must see waterfalls. Worth visiting during each season of the year, Palouse Falls is a scenic wonder. Make sure you have your camera or paintbrush to capture the beauty of the 200-foot waterfall. Views of the area are spectacular with the sunrise and/or sunset.

Waters begin in the Palouse River then cascade over the 200-foot drop and swiftly flow into the Snake River. There are three options from which you can choose to capture the falls. Observing from the base of the falls, you have an unobstructed visual of the falls. To capture the essence of the glory of the Palouse River Canyon and the falls from above, you can access Palouse Falls from the Fryxell Overlook. Lastly, there is a path to follow that provides information about the area. None of the locations will disappoint!

Little Mashel Falls

Another must see waterfalls are the Little Mashel Falls. While the name is deceptive, they are so named because they are part of the Little Mashel River. This location is home to three waterfalls; the Lower Little Mashel Falls, Little Mashel Falls, and Tom Tom Falls. Most people just call them Lower, Middle, and Upper. None of the three are little; the tallest fall is over 90-feet.

For those seeking an opportunity for hiking or walking, there are three access points to the falls. Each of the locations offers varying lengths for you to walk. A two-mile round-trip jaunt is available from the Smallwood Park entry. If you are seeking a longer hike, then use the ingresses at either the Bud Blanchard Trailhead or Pack Forest Trailhead. Those are a four-mile and just under four and a half mile hikes.

Enjoy your exploration of the must see waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest.