How the Gun Cleaning Rod Works?

According to experts, all firearms, regardless of parameters such as caliber, principle of operation and type of ammunition used, must be regularly cleaned and lubricated. If this is neglected, at the most inopportune moment a pistol or pistol fails at best, at worst it will fail completely and become dangerous to the shooter. As a result, the owner will have to pay a decent amount for repairs. Many inexperienced hunters are interested in how to properly clean a gun. What is needed for this? Information on how to clean a firearm is provided in this article.

On the causes of the contamination of hunting weapons

Before you are interested in how to clean a gun, you should understand why it is clogged. The main cause of pollution is the travel conditions in which weapons are used. Since shotguns are used in wooded, steppe and marshy areas, their metal parts often come into contact with moisture. It happens that hunters even throw their guns into the water.

In addition, the barrel is exposed to high temperatures during shooting. The presence of hot gases and burning dust particles adversely affects the state of this element of the gun. In other words, small spots of rust start to form from inside the trunk. If you don’t clean it in time, their area will increase. It is noteworthy that as a result of the use of black powder in the barrel channel deposits accumulate.According to experts, with soot weapons it attracts moisture more intensely.

When to start?

In addition to the question of how to clean a gun, beginners are interested in when to do this procedure? Some hunters often find it harmful to clean their guns. This is explained by the fact that scratches will form in the gun, chrome surfaces will be erased, etc. According to experts, such shooters are mistaken, as the rifle unit will fail much faster if it is not taken care of or if it is not performed correctly. Most often, the gun will need to be cleaned when shooting, especially if you use non-smoking black powder. Experts advise to take care of the shotgun in the reluctant season. Therefore, it is advisable to clean at least once a month, even if the weapon has not been used. The rifle unit is cleaned without errors every time after use.

Gun cleaning ramrod

Of course, the weapons can be delivered to a service center where the professionals will do all the work. However, most hunters don’t trust their infantry units and clean them themselves.

What to use?

Before starting the procedure, in the hunting shop you need to purchase a special kit for cleaning the gun. It is equipped with the following components:

  • Wire brush. With its help, carbon deposits, rust and metal particles can be easily removed.
  • Two- or three-segment wand for cleaning weapons. It can be made of wood or aluminum.
  • Bristle brush. He applied alkaline grease to clean the gun.
  • With a puffed brush. With it, the weapons are treated with neutral grease.
  • They are special threaded connections which are screwed onto the gun cleaning rod. The purpose of this item is to hold a rag or rag on the ramrod.

Shotgun care during the reluctant season

  • Special brushes with which dust, dirt and debris are removed in the weapon.
  • Sharp wooden sticks. They are also called “toothpicks”. Used in cases where the mechanism has to reach hard to reach places.


The above items are considered mandatory for the standard set. Various manufacturing companies engaged in the production of weapons cleaning tools, complement their products with various additional tools. However, judging by the reviews, it is quite possible to clean the gun with the help of basic tools.

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