Mistakes To Avoid As a First Time Barcelona Tourist

Barcelona is the capital city of the Catalonia region of Spain. It is famous for its medieval architectural wonders. It is a hot spot for tourists who want to visit Spain. Several archaeological sites and modern landmarks are the things to look for in Barcelona. But there are also certain things that a first-timer should avoid in Barcelona.

Barcelona is not in Spain

Tourists have to be very careful about the fact that Barcelona is in Catalonia and not in Spain. Catalonians are very conservative about their culture, which they never want to be mixed or compared with the Spanish culture.

Bringing Costly Items to the Beach

Barcelona is decorated with a lot of beaches. But, these beaches are also dangerous as a lot of items may get missing if one carries too many. Losing them in the sand or giving them up to a thief are common happenings at the beaches in Barcelona.

Spending Most of the Time in the City

A major mistake that tourists make is to spend their maximum time in the center of the city. Though it is full of amazing places, the outskirts of this city are wonderful too. The Barcelonian day tours services offer a huge array of choices for tourists to opt for and tour around the city as well as on the outskirts.

Not Taking the Correct Gear

The weather in this Catalonian capital can be very fluctuating and can change very rapidly. In this case, both summer clothes and light winter clothes should be accompanied along to avoid problems due to sudden changes in the temperature or weather conditions.

Ordering the Wrong Food

Most of the tourists make this mistake of ordering Paella at dinner time, which is wrong. Paella is a food for your lunchtime. As it is heavy, it is mostly served for lunch and not for dinner at most of the restaurants.

Expecting an Off-Season

There is no off-season in Barcelona. During prime time, the crowd will be unimaginable. Whereas the season people think to be off-season, it is no different from the prime time. It is equally crowded and the tour should be well-planned and booking should be made well in advance.

Though there are a lot of pros and cons of traveling to Barcelona, at the end of the day, one would definitely enjoy strolling through the Gothic Quarters and the cobblestone streets. 

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