Practical Options in Renting a Car for You

Renting a car may seem like a simple operation but too often we realized in retrospect that we had underestimated some aspects or that we had not thought about every important detail, then seeing the final rental cost rise. This is why we decided to put together all the information we have learned in the field in these years of traveling on the road and explain step by step how to avoid unpleasant surprises.

What do you need to rent a car?

The first thing you have to ask yourself to rent a car is,what do we need? Am we in possession of the right qualifications? The answer comes now with exotic car rental miami.

Let’s see what it takes to rent a car:

The driving license

It may seem obvious, but a driver’s license is the first thing you need. The driving license must be valid, it must not be damaged, it must be legible and before leaving for abroad it is necessary to ascertain whether an international driving license is needed or not. we recommend that you consult the website by selecting the country of interest and choosing the “Viability” item to understand this aspect. There are two types of international driving license: the “Geneva 1949” model which is valid for 1 year and the “Vienna 1968” model which is valid for 3 years. For luxury car rental miami you can have the best choices by your side.

Minimum age

In some countries it is possible to rent a car at the age of 18. Almost all car rental companies, however, have limits for young people and new drivers which can relate to age, the categories of cars available for hire, the payment of surcharges over standard rates and other details that may vary from one company. to the other. It is also always good to keep in mind the fact that, regardless of the age of the driver, practically all rental companies require that the license has been obtained for at least a year. Generally, from the age of 25 you can rent all cars in all companies (there are rare exceptions for luxury cars).

Being a credit card holder

Warning! Prepaid cards are not valid but only credit cards in the name of the person who rents and drives the car. The credit card is used by rental companies to secure sufficient funds to cover repair costs, fines and more, even higher than the security deposit. How do we know if the card you have will be accepted? The rule is usually this: cards that do not have raised characters are rejected. So the classic Mastercard and Visa are fine but not those of the Maestro circuit.

Car collection and delivery: how car rental works

If you rent a car online, at the time of rental you must show up at the counter of the chosen company, present the reservation number (printed or on the phone) and, if necessary, add details such as the cancellation of the deductible or the second driver; on child seats from experience I advise you to book them immediately because you could be left without.

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