Rare Experiences InPort Douglas 

There are many things to do in the tropical paradise of Port Douglas aside from exploring the beaches, reefs, rainforest, and the outback. Port Douglas is the perfect destination for people who crave for adventure and rare experiences. 

Hot air balloon in Port Douglas

Start the day through a hot air balloon ride that gently floats up over the amazing landscape of Port Douglas. Weather conditions make the hot air balloon ride a perfect option to view the stunning rainforest scenery and the Great Barrier Reef amidst the early morning light. Australia has the largest fleet of hot air balloons with some of the most experienced operators to ensure a safe and smooth ride. This adventure is strongly suggested for couples. 

Challenging mountain bike race

The reef-to-reef mountain bike race starts from the Weather by Station down to the western edge of the Great Dividing Range through the rainforest and cane fields to the finish line on the famous Blue Mile Beach of Port Douglas. The 4-day race can either be a 35-kilometre classic or 70-kilometre endurance race. 

Another option is the Bump Track that was originally carved out by gold miners as a road to Port Douglas. The road has become a challenging location for mountain bikers who desire thrill combined with a leisurely experience. The Bump Track is the last leg of the Queensland endurance race, Reef to Reef. 

There are other places to experience mountain biking through world-class trails amidst the stunning rainforest scenery. You can bring your own bike to tackle the cross-country and downhill courses. 

Port Douglas Carnivale

If mountain bike racing or the hot air balloon has quenched your thirst for adventure, you can take part in the Port Douglas Carnivale in May, this year. After being cancelled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the “Tropic & Exotic” themed 2021 Street Parade will officially start the Carnivale festivities. Singing and dancing locals will be part of the spectacular event that showcases the town’s environment and pride in their community. 

This year’s theme will encourage participants to go wild and creative with their costumes. The Carnivale will also include other events like the longest lunch, Plantation Picnic at the Park, Tropic Park Concert featuring SpiderBait, and a family beach day at the Four Mile Beach. 

WujalWujal Falls

You can also explore WujalWujal Falls or “many falls” in the Kuku-Yalangi language. The sacred waterfalls capture the multifaceted region composed of reefs, ranges, and rivers. It reflects the sparkling coastline and abundant wildlife as well as the people and their languages. After sightseeing, you can stop at the WujalWujal Art Centre to view the creations of the local clans of Yalangi, Nyungkul, and the Julangi.  

Daily commutes are offered by Excellence Coaches from Cairns Airport to Port Douglas. The trip takes about 75 minutes from Cairns to Port Douglas depending on the weather conditions, road conditions, and other delays. However, there is nothing like the beauty of north Queensland, the tranquillity of the beachside, and the stunning rainforest and sanctuaries to make your journey particularly memorable and unforgettable. 


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