Top Favorite Cuisines which are must to try in Saudi Arabia

If you are going to visit a country, then it is must to try its food. There are few people who visit countries just for trying food because they are true foodie. Every country has some special and traditional cuisines which are famous all over the world and same is the case with Saudi Arabia. Arabic dishes are very tasty and yummy because they use a perfect balance of everything so that the dish can taste really nice. Arabs are very fond of trying new dishes and that is why they keep on trying to experiment with their dishes to get a better taste. The Arabic cuisine is enriched with proteins and all other nutrients because they mostly use meat in dishes. You must go to Saudi Arabia for trying their cuisines and you can utilize Qatar Airways Voucher Code sourced from to get amazing discount. Best Arabic cuisines are enlisted here for you.

Dajaj Mashwi:

It is made by using chicken, ginger and chili powder. This dish is a specialty of barbecue in which boneless chicken is used so that it can be enjoyed easily. This dish is a little bit spicy and it is enjoyed with dipping sauce of garlic. You can also eat it with some Arabic soups, pilaf or couscous according to your choice and taste. Isn’t your mouth watering?


This dish is basically rice dish which is prepared by using rice, milk, chicken and butter. The rice is cooked in porridge form and they give a creamy texture while the meat is roasted. Chicken is firstly boiled with some spices in water so that its smell is gone. It is served in a large sized platter and in it meat is placed on the top of rice to give a unique look.


In this dish, you have options as you can choose between beef or chicken. Basically, it is a stuffed roti with some filling and then it is fried like pan cake. You can found it on every corner. You can taste this dish while going to Saudi Arabia by using Qatar Airways Voucher Code attainable at to try more dishes in same budget.


If you are a cookie lover, then for sure you’ll fall in love with this dish because it is a cookie which is filled with some nuts and fruits. It is very ancient recipe which is still in use and people are obsessed with it. it is made by using flour, semolina, sugar and yeast. It is used as sweet dish on all important events. People are used to gift it to their relatives too.


Main ingredients of this dish are clove, garlic, onion and lamb. It is known as most spicy dish which is eaten with a barely bread. This dish is very healthy and full of nutrition. If you are a spice lover, then hurry up and try this while going to Saudi Arabia by utilizing Qatar Airways Voucher Code at hand to avoid break of bank.

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