What Time of Year is Best to Visit Florida?  

Florida is one of the vacation capitals of the world.  Millions of people flock to this beautiful state every year to take in the gorgeous seascape and entertaining theme parks.  Every late Spring, teens and college students flock to the largest cities in the state to party and rowdy: yet that’s not all there is to it.  Here are some tips to help you plan your Florida vacation and time it correctly.


Although most people might not consider bugs in their timing for a vacation, it can be a big one for some people.  If you’re planning on spending a lot of your time in the water or the wetlands, you may want to consider when mosquitoes are most active.  Any time after March, up until late November, is peak mosquito time.  These nasty bugs love the warm water and the endless standing water caused by the state’s gorgeous thunderstorms.  Early Spring can still be lovely without the bite.

Spring Breakers

Florida is infamous for its giant spring break bashes.  There are endless young people, free-flowing booze, and reckless abandon that actually costs dozens of lives even under the best circumstances.  If you want to avoid this crowd, you should go in February or after early May.  Of course, there’s no way to prevent the young party scene, but if it’s not your style, some strategic planning can be in your favor.


Cheapest Rates

The cheapest time to go to Florida is in the winter.  From November to early March, this off-season is less expensive, less crowded, and less hot: but you miss out on a lot of things people enjoy the state for.  The beaches may be emptier, but that means fewer people to drink and have fun with, and the rates may be lower- but a lot of the attractions close down entirely on off-seasons.  The second best thing is early Spring, when people are starting to filter back in, but many of the rates are still pretty low.  If you look at prices the year before, you can use this information to plan a trip that will save you money without shorting you on experiences.  

Respect of the Locals

Floridians have seen it all.  They can recognize the snowbirds when they fly in from northern states and Canada to avoid the ice.  These people, usually elder visitors looking for a warm winter, are often judged by locals to take up resources and be loud and touristy.  On the other hand, spring breakers and Disney families also get their share of ire.  To gain locals’ respect, go earlier in Spring, a full month to a couple of weeks before spring break: and avoid looking and acting like a tourist.  Plan what you want to do, and if the act eventually makes you want to start looking at Jacksonville houses for sale, so be it!

Florida is an incredible one of a kind state and has endless sights to see and things to do: a visit in early Sprsng is the best time to make the most of it while saving some cash and headaches!

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