Beautiful Landmarks in Washington State

Are you thinking of trying skiing or snowboarding? Do you want to go on challenging hikes or just want to chill and set up camp on the beach? Or are you just looking to paddle down and enjoy the whitewater rapids? If you answered yes to all my questions, there is one place that you need to visit – Washington State. You can experience all of them here! 

Waterfalls, trees, awesome landscapes. You name it, and Washington State has an activity for you. Explore the wonders of the state by reading through our list of must see landmarks: 

  1. Palouse Falls

Palouse Falls is the official waterfall of Washington, and we’re not kidding when we say that the sight of it is breathtaking. The falls have a steady flow and the sight of that nestled in with the rugged and picturesque canyon allow visitors to capture magnificent photographs – especially at sunset or sunrise. 

The main overlook is probably the easiest way to access and experience Palouse Falls. Using the state park to access the lookout means you only need to walk down a few flight of steps. Visitors to the overlook should be careful to heed the warning signs posted and be sure to stay in designated areas to view the waterfall.  Make it a day trip, or snag a campsite to enjoy the falls for the weekend. 

  1. Mount Baker 

It’s an epic mountain that is beautiful all throughout the year, whatever season it is. Whether you visited the state for some skiing during the winter months, or you prefer to hike when the snow has melted, Mount Baker is the perfect spot for you. 

  1. Shi Shi Beach

Instagrammable – one way to describe the beach. With some sea stacks jutting out of the water and the surf crashing up against them, no one will be arguing with how beautiful this coastline is. Spending the night under the sky full of stars on one of the Olympic Peninsula’s beaches is undeniably one of the coolest places you can do in the state. 

There are so many great sights to see when you visit Washington State and we hope this list helps you identify a few key places to see on your next trip.

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