Can you visit Japan in winter?

Japan is beautiful. There are so many things to do and places to visit that are amazing. However, the weather may make the journey happier or stressful through the land of the rising sun. In this post, we are going to tell you Japan tours info about the best time to travel to Japan – winter, for the snow and ski lovers. In spring, we have the Cherry Blossoms, in winter, you can take advantage of the snow and the ski slopes, in summer the beaches and in autumn, the colorful leaves give the landscape a particular charm.

Only comfortable clothes and shoes

It is a matter of great importance when planning a trip to Japan. Depending on the season, they will be putting together their suitcases. Remember that in winter it is very, very cold and in summer it is very, very hot. The main thing is that you feel comfortable when visiting the places of interest, so having good shoes and comfortable clothes is very important. Most of the places you visit in Japan are always going to be full of people. Japan is a much-visited country, not only by foreign tourists, but also by local tourists themselves. In the morning, you will find the quietest tourist attractions, without so many people.

Japan in the winter

Winter begins on December 22 and ends on March 21. Of course, you must always keep in mind that the days are very short since it gets dark very early. Besides that, it is very, very cold, with temperatures reaching ZERO. Here are some reasons or reasons why you consider that winter could become the best time to visit Japan.

Japanese Alps

For lovers of snow, ski resorts and winter sports, the Japanese Alps are the ideal place to visit this season. The good thing is that it is easy to get there either from Tokyo or from Kyoto or Osaka. Highly recommended to visit at this time are Takayama and Shirakawa-go.

Christmas in Japan

Another highlight of winter, especially to enjoy in December, is the decorations with lights in the shopping centers for Christmas. Some are awesome. Although Japan is not a Catholic country far from it, they love this western celebration and the places put all their efforts to decorate and enjoy the Christmas lights and ornaments. Parks, trees, shopping malls, buildings, shops, entire cities shining to the rhythm of Christmas.

Soups and Stews

Winter in Japan is the ideal time to try delicious soups and hot stews. The Soba, the Nab Oden and all variants are perfect to combat the cold and warm the stomach.

Winter festivals in Japan

Some of the most important festivals in Japan are celebrated in the winter season. New Year is one of the most important. The celebration usually runs from the last days of December to January first week. Emperor’s birthday is celebrated on December 23 at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. It is one of the few days that the palace opens its doors. Wakarusa Yaki Matsuri has more than 1,400 years of history. It is celebrated at the end of January, beginning of February near Nara, more precisely on the Wakarusa hill. Sapporo Snow Festival is impressive. It is celebrated for a whole week in February and more than 2 million people come to see it. 

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