Fjords of Albania and Ohrid Lake: A trip to Albania is incomplete without these two

Thanks to its stunning landscapes, interesting historical sites, and welcoming people, Albania is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. Isolated and cut off from the world for so long, Albania emerged from communist rule in 1991. Today, visitors are amazed by the spectacular beauty of Albania. It offers beautiful beaches alongside stunning mountain ranges, natural landscapes, history and heritage, and sparkling lakes. Just contact with the best Albania Tourism agency and book your next trip to Albania at affordable prices. Search the internet and get idea if you want to know Albania where to stay.

Fjords of Albania

Few landscapes in Albania will definitely surprise you more than any other journey through the Balkans as the mountain ridges on the emerald waters. Despite being known as the fjords of Albania, it is a very long canyon on Lake Koman without access to the sea. But that does not take away an iota of its beauty. The best way to visit it is to travel it’s more than 30 km by boat. Many travelers choose to use the ferry to later continue their journey to the mountain lands of Valbona and Teth.

Valbona and Teth National Parks

Lovers of trekking will fall exhausted at the foot of the routes through the Albanian mountains. Among all of them the national parks of Valbona and Teth stand out. In both you can make unforgettable walks through mountains and lush forests. One of the most popular is the one that connects both national parks. It is a medium level route for about 7 hours up and down.

If you are interested in these routes, try to reserve at least 3 days for excursions. The easiest way to get to Valbona is via the Albanian fjord ferry. From the jetty there is transport to Valbone National Park where there is accommodation. If you continue to Teth you will find less people and you will be able to enjoy unforgettable moments in the middle of unspoiled nature.

Ohrid Lake

This huge lake is the deepest in the Balkans and is shared by Albania and Macedonia, so you can visit it from both countries. Although the area best known for tourism is Albania, as you can enjoy its crystal clear waters and dreamy sunsets. To enjoy it, it is best to stay in the Albanian city of Pogradec, which offers a greater hotel and gastronomic culture.


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