How to Pack for Hiking

When you decide to go hiking, it is worth it to do some thorough preparation and pack in a proper way, so not to turn your dream trip into a nightmare. This means that you should select the special equipment in advance and consider some extras like binoculars for outdoors or two-way radios. So, take your time to tailor your perfect hiking checklist.

Your Hiking Checklist

  • Hiking gear -the main thing you need is an adjusted backpack, not too big to be easy to carry and not too small to be able to pack the essentials up.
  • Clothing and footwear – your clothes should fit the weather conditions, and have some items for emergency cases like a raincoat or sunglasses.
  • Food and water – take enough of regular food and trail snacks, a bottle of water and a purifier to have some more fresh drinking, you can find on your way from natural sources. 
  • Navigation – compass and map, or navigation apps on your phone will be a great help on your trail. Take the things you know exactly how to use not to get lost.
  • Emergency kit – emergency kit is a must-have along with a whistle and a lighter to save you from danger and inconvenience. 
  • Hygiene – personal hygiene items, sun and insect protection, and any other needed things to feel comfortable.  
  • Tools – knife, multi-tool, and a small gear-repair kit will save you from inconveniences and troubles on the trail.
  • Extras – some extras like binoculars, headlamp, camera, and more will deliver you more possibilities while travelling. 
  • Personal stuff – take your personal belongings, such as ID, cash, credit cards, phone, and so on. 

Pack everything up in waterproof bags, and spread the weight properly in your backpack. Don’t take unnecessary things, prepare with caution and wisdom, and have a nice trip despite any difficulties.

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