Must-Visit Places In North Austin

If you’ve been looking for the best things to do in Austin, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by all the exciting options. After all, Austin is Texas’ heart and soul, with lush parks, historical museums, and live music on every corner. Austin is a world-class destination that deserves a spot on every American travel bucket list. Austin has a thriving arts scene, from buzzing r&b clubs to upscale modern galleries to odd art installations such as the Cathedral of Junk. Whether you want to peruse the works of local artists during the day or get your boogie on at night, Texas’ capital city has you covered. You’ll find many quaint, family-run restaurants, stylish cocktail bars, and all the shopping you could ever want in North Austin, located just north of downtown. North Austin is home to some incredible places to eat, shop, and play if you wish to stay for the weekend or just in the afternoon. You can also find apartments for rent in North Austin, TX; this article will tackle why North Austin is a must-visit place. 

Families and groups seeking larger restaurants, more parking, and options for all tastes frequently head to North Austin. Thai Kun’s spicy, traditional Thai cuisine will heat things instantly. Visit the family-run Ng Cafe for Vietnamese specialties like Banh xeo or Bun Cha Hanoi. Smokin Beauty offers Texas barbecue with Vietnamese influences with a banh mi twist. Julie’s Noodles serves a variety of dumplings along with authentic Chinese dishes featuring handmade noodles. H Mart, an Asian market, also has a food court with sushi, banh mi, Korean tofu, bulgogi, and much more. For casual fine dining, relax at Second Bar + Kitchen Domain NORTHSIDE. The local restaurant Andiamo Ristorante serves genuine Italian cuisine made with farmer’s market ingredients. At the same time, Garbo’s lobster rolls are entirely stuffed with buttery lobster tails. Visit New Sitara Indian Cuisine to sample dishes from all over India.

The governor and legislature of Texas have offices in the Texas Capitol building. One of Austin’s most exquisite examples of architecture is conveniently located downtown. The United States’ largest capitol building is also the most extravagant, with 17 surrounding monuments, marble walls, brass detailing, and ornate architectural features. You can take part in guided or self-guided tours of the state capitol’s interior seven days a week if you’d like to discover its history. The Texas Capitol grounds, however, have more to offer than that. Along the hallways of the visitors center and the Capitol Grill, a famous flapjack joint on-site, you can frequently find entertaining rotating exhibits.

The Rock Rose District in Domain NORTHSIDE is a popular nightlife area. Soccer supporters can get a full Irish breakfast whenever they want and support their preferred football team at Jack & Ginger’s, where they will feel at home. At 77o Rooftop, enjoy cool drinks outside or check out the hookah lounge. Go to the Instagram-worthy Wonder Bar for surprises around every corner and a colorful sense of whimsy. The Water Trough, a converted barn outside of Rock Rose, has big garage doors for a breeze in the summer and a fireplace for warmth in the winter.

You must visit the Blanton Museum of Art if you consider yourself creative. The building is a somewhat minimalist spectacle and is regarded as the artist’s greatest legacy. The building is a striking stone structure with stained glass windows gifted to the art museum in 2015 by Ellsworth Kelly. Numerous modern artists from America and Latin America, as well as well-known European contemporary artists, are represented in the Blanton Museum of Art’s permanent collection. The museum of art also houses a number of shifting galleries. 

Bouldering is the focus of the North Austin Rock Gym, which is located on N Lamar, a fancy term for climbing short inverted walls without ropes and harnesses. The mats are soft once you get over your fear of falling! —bouldering can give you a great all-around workout.