Breathtaking Destinations in Mississippi Everyone Should See

Welcome to the so-called Magnolia State. Or let us say, welcome to the state that has no shortage of breathtaking destinations and mesmerizing sites. Yes, whether you go towards the Gulf Coast or to the northern hills, you are bound to have fun in Mississippi. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, outdoorsy or indoorsy, or whether you are on a budget or not – there is certainly something here for you. Thus, do not think much. If there is some money left in your vacation budget, think about coming to Mississippi. But, we understand that you need to be persuaded a bit more. And, because of that reason, we prepared a list of some breathtaking destinations in Mississippi that everyone should see and experience at least once in their lifetime. So, check these out and prepare to book your stay in Mississippi quite soon. 

Gulf Islands National Seashore

If you start researching what are some of the most visited and most breathtaking destinations in Mississippi, the first place you will come across is the one and only Gulf Islands National Seashore. This national park rests along the Gulf of Mexico and it is loved by both locals and tourists. Why? Well, because of its beautiful sandy beaches and clear emerald waters. 

The Gulf Islands National Seashore is huge – it lies on 135,147 acres. Thus, if you plan on exploring the wildlife or if you plan on enjoying many outdoor activities while also checking out the beach, it might be wise to think about practical car rental options. Trust us, it would be a shame to come here and not see all this national park has to offer. For instance, besides the beautiful beach and water, here you can also swim with the dolphins, pet huge sea turtles, hike, bike, fish, check out historic sites, or even hop on an educational tour. 

Acid Falls 

If you just moved to Cleveland, then you must check out one of Mississippi’s best-kept secrets – Acid Falls. That is, first let the experts from unpack you and help you settle in, and then visit Acid Falls. This is not a place where you will just come, take a picture and go, no. This is a place where you should spend an entire day. Thus, pack some lunch, bring a friend (or a lover), find a nice spot, and just enjoy the views. 

When the weather is scorching hot, Acid Falls are also great for taking a dip. Or, because they are huge, they are also great for water sports, swimming, or for getting a tan. Just don’t forget to bring food, water, sunscreen, etc., as there are no stores nearby. 

Tishomingo State Park 

When speaking of the most breathtaking destinations in Mississippi, we cannot but mention the Tishomingo State Park. Primarily, this is a heaven on earth for all those hikers. Here, you can find trails for both beginners and advanced hikers, you can stand on some of the most mesmerizing viewpoints, you can watch the birds, and even cross a charming swinging bridge (be sure to bring a camera for this one as it is very Insta-worthy). 

And, when you pack for hiking here, don’t forget to bring both a swimsuit and mountain boots. At the foot of this Tishomingo State Park, there is a river in which you can kayak and raft. And, once you start hiking up, you will encounter many hills which will be impossible to climb without proper shoes. 

Windsor Ruins 

Not a lot of people talk about the Windsor Ruins, which is a shame. These ruins, also called the most imposing ruins in the USA, play an important part in our history. They originated from an impressive Windsor home that was destroyed by fire back in 1980. All that is left now are 23 columns and cast iron stairs. However, besides looking at the huge columns, here you can also book a tour guide who will tell you something more about Windsor architecture. 

Speaking of Windsor architecture, the city of Port Gibson (where the ruins are located) is full of beautiful buildings too. So, check it out. The city itself is not big, so you can see everything in just a couple of hours. Moreover, Port Gibson is also a great place to move to if you want to run away from all the hustles and bustles of Mississippi’s bigger cities. Homes here are rather inexpensive, so check them out too while touring the city. And, if you do find something you like, don’t be afraid about moving here – assistance is around the corner as local Mississippi movers can help you move anywhere and anytime.

Cypress Swamp

We saved the best for last! Yes, the Cypress Swamp is one of the most breathtaking destinations in Mississippi everyone should see. It is a huge, majestic, and almost mystical place that deserves to be on everybody’s bucket list. So, be fast and book your airline tickets to Natchez – Mississippi’s jewel of a city. 

Cypress Swamp is also one of the 20 natural wonders of the world too. Thus, if you find yourself in Mississippi, make a stop here. Just go on the Natchez Trace, follow the trail, and you will reach the swamp. Of course, be sure to prepare for some walking too! 

As you have seen, there are a ton of breathtaking destinations in Mississippi everyone should see. Aside from all the mentioned ones, you can also check out Bailey’s Woods, Clark Creek Natural Area, Dunn’s Falls, Red Bluff, Sunken Trace, etc. 

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