Off-road caravans: A guide to choosing the best

While the roads to some of Australia’s most incredible natural wonders may be rough, you don’t have to travel hard on the way there and back with a full-blown caravan.

While purchasing an off-road caravan, even a small mistake can affect future trips and even cost you more money than intended. Hence, don’t be afraid of seeking help from the experts at Lyfe RV.

This guide can help you choose a caravan that suits off-road requirements.

Weight and Strength:

A caravan that is suitable for off-road travel must be able to strike a balance between its strength and weight. Vehicle components must be sturdy to withstand off-road conditions. The ideal manufacturer will strike this balance by using heavy-duty materials where it counts (chassis/frame and drawbar) while using lightweight materials wherever possible (walls, floor and cabinetry). Smart design can also save you some weight, so look for manufacturers that aim to reduce weight whenever possible without compromising strength.


In addition to the previous point, the more luxury extras a caravan has, the bigger and heavier it is, and the less well it will handle off-road conditions. While it’s nice to have a large bathroom with a full-size washing machine and more storage it comes at the cost of weight and thus off-road performance. Buying an off-road caravan means deciding what your non-negotiables are and what you can live without when it comes to comfort.

Off-Grid ability:

We become more self-reliant when we are no longer dependent on external providers of utilities, basically life-sustaining resources like electricity. The only thing that we can depend on is ourselves and what we have created for ourselves.

It’s a whole new story when a caravan trip goes off-grid, as we look to cut off life’s necessities while also ensuring that we can move from point A to point B when we choose.

Stronger chassis and frame:

Caravans for off-road use should have a significantly larger and stronger chassis and drawbar than their on-road equivalents. Hot-dip galvanising and using high-quality steel will ensure long-term durability.

All-Terrain tyres:

Ideally, off-road caravan tyres should be larger than those on roads – preferably Light Truck (LT) tyres if at all possible to minimise puncture risk. If the ground is not soft where you’re going, mud-terrain tyres might be overkill and add to the van’s overall weight and fuel consumption.

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