Snir Hananya Talks about the 5 Mistakes to Avoid while Traveling

You are ready to take your family to the best vacation that they have ever had. You want them to give a lifetime experience of a place they have never seen before. At the same time, you want to have a great time talking, smiling, and cheering with them. It’s quite an achievement that you have arranged for a vacation for your family, but there is more to pay attention to as per Snir Hananya. He believes the following travel mistakes can completely ruin your traveling experience and leave you with bitter taste in your mouth rather than a great and memorable experience. 

  • Don’t Create an Unrealistic Itinerary 

When you visit a country, you are not visiting a small place or just a city. The first thing you want to do is to know the things the country is famous. After that, you have to create a list of places that best reflect the best side of the country. The list you create should fit easily into your visit. If you are visiting only for a week, don’t put 20 different places on the list. Not only will it tire you, but it will also not let you enjoy your visit because you will rush through it. Create a list of only the best places that you know you can’t miss when you are there. 

  • Not Informing Banks, Couriers, etc. 

So, you won’t be in the house for many days and you have to let your daily or weekly subscriptions know about it. Do you have someone scheduled to come to your house to collect a bill? Do you have a milkman that delivers milk to your doorstep every day? Do you have an important call scheduled to come during the time you won’t be home? If that’s the case, you want to touch upon all of those things. Let the milkman know you will be out as well as provide a way for the person to get in touch with you when you are in a different country. 

  • Forgetting to Keep Important Documents

When visiting a new place, you have to have some important documents with you. You will need them not only when you are in the new country but also when you are traveling. Make sure you create a checklist of these documents and check every item on it before you leave. You will need some documents while boarding the plane and when you get off the plane. Make sure you have the identification documents to show when you book accommodation in the new place. 

  • Not Carrying the Right Gadgets

Snir Hananya says that going to a different country or state is the perfect time to have the right gadgets with you. Have extra batteries with you for your laptop. Get a power bank for your smartphone and extra cables in case the ones you have break. Have a backup device to store your photos as soon as you take them. Don’t rely only on one device to take photos for you. 

  • Having No Plan to Interact with the Locals

You can read all the online guides you want, but they will never be a match for the locals according to Snir Hananya. According to him, locals will give you fresh and up-to-date information about everything. Guides are old and some of the things mentioned on them might not even be there. Learn some basic greetings and questions so you are able to communicate with the locals. Get help from them whenever you are outside on the streets. 

Final Thoughts 

Having a lot of money and a great plan is not enough for you to have an ideal vacation. You must avoid these mistakes so you can enjoy every second of your journey and stay at the new place. Among all, if you had to pick one piece of advice, it has to be to interact with the locals and getting help from them.