7 Famous Tourist Destinations in Semarang, Indonesia

If you are in Semarang, be sure that you pay a visit to the ideal tourist attractions in Semarang below. We outline the outstanding tourist attractions in Semarang, which make your vacation enjoyable and not boring.

1. Umbul Sidomukti

Not far from Gedong Songo Temple, there is a popular place for young people to hang out. It is Umbul Sidomukti. It is placed on Mount Ungaran, having an elevation of 1200 meters above sea level, which makes this location very trendy with wonderful natural views. At the top of its natural swimming pool, it is possible to swim while enjoying the gorgeous atmosphere of the Ungaran mountains.

2. Lake Rawa Pening

Located precisely in Ambarawa, Bawen, Tuntang, Semarang Regency, Pening Swamp Lake is 2,670 hectares wide. Within this Pening Swamp area, there are interesting tourist attractions which can be seen, as the mountain of love or round the lake by motorboat. Additionally, there’s also a place to get a love padlock having a background of Rawa Pening. Do not miss the chance to put a padlock on that spot for those who have a serious love relationship.

3. Medini Tea Plantation

The path to the tea garden is rather challenging, with the street going down and up. It’s a lot easier to get to the place by motorbike since the terrain is rather steep and out of a stone formation.

Once arriving at the place, you’ll be astounded by the green expanse of this tea garden using a feeling like over the oceans. The air temperature within this area is also rather chilly due to its location with an elevation. The good time to this location is evening or morning. Before coming, pay attention to the car’s status and the weather so that your trip is much more enjoyable. Do not forget to wear thick clothing to keep you warm.

4. Watu Gunung

Watu Gunung is a pure bathing appeal in the Ungaran region. Its place is 17 km from the town centre of Semarang. This bath comes in the spring of Mount Ungaran that’s quite clean and fresh, very appropriate for relaxation following a weary journey.

After completing soaking, you may enjoy the culinary supplies available with conventional notions within this location and will surely make your holiday to Semarang more memorable.

5. Ambarawa Pendem Fortress

This fort could be reached in about an hour in Semarang City, having a space of about 40 km. Among the accessibility into the fort is through the little road east of Ambarawa Hospital.

The fort area which may be seen is just to the north. Though it’s older, this fort has preserved its validity for a very long time. You may use the solid building of this fort as an intriguing photo spot, not to mention research the background of colonial life that’s clearly depicted in a variety of corners of the fort.

6. Eling Bening Ambarawa

Eling Bening is really a restaurant that conveys the idea of household tourism that delivers a wonderful all-natural view with the most important view of Rawa Pening.

The beauty was improved again from history of Mount Merbabu, Andong, and Telomoyo, which had been spotted standing behind him. Eling bening is situated on Jalan Sarjono, Bawean, Semarang from the Ngrawan mountains, that is 36 km from the city centre of Semarang.

The cost of entrance for this tourist place is 18,000 rupiah per tourist. Before coming, it could be safer to bring your own beverage since the purchase price of drinks here is rather pricey.

7. Rainbow Village

However, this village was a slum village that had changed it into a really lovely tourist village with over 200 homes painted in colors such as the rainbow colors. The roads in the village are also not left to be colored. The slum and cramped belief that attached has changed, replaced by a village setting which is more lively and more agreeable.

You can pay a visit to this village and also feel the hospitality of its citizens. In addition to getting bonus photograph spots which are extremely instagenic and of course eye catching.

Those are a few of the very best tourist attractions in Semarang, which you are able to go to and make a vacation mention with friends or loved ones. Ensure that your health is great and do not neglect to prepare all essentials starting from clothing, pocket money, and automobiles.

So, are you prepared to go on holiday to Semarang? Before you plan a trip to Semarang, be sure to read more about Semarang and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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