Have You Ever Considered Alaska for a Long RV Road Trip?

Avid RVers have a tendency to want to visit every state in the union. It is in their blood. So much so that a lot of them choose an item to collect from each state as a way of marking where they’ve been and where they still have left to go. Some buy magnets, others buy bumper stickers, still others fill out state maps. Yet even the most ardent among them may have trouble collecting from two states: Hawaii and Alaska.

Hawaii is pretty much out of the question unless you are wealthy enough to have your RV ship there or you’re willing to rent something on one of the islands. Alaska is a lot more doable, especially if you are willing to drive through Canada.

As an avid RV owner, have you ever considered a road trip to Alaska? The folks behind AirSkirts inflatable RV skirting say that Alaska is alive with possibilities. But they also say a long road trip to the 49th state is a bit different. It forces you to plan ahead on a lot of things.

Make Sure You Have the Time

First and foremost, you have to have the time. Even departing out of Washington state, you are looking at about two thousand miles to reach Alaska. At five hundred miles per day, which is a lot for RV owners, you’re looking at a minimum of four days. But if you are the kind of RV owner who likes to stop to see things along the way, just getting to Alaska could take one to two weeks.

Once you reach the state also known as ‘The Last Frontier’, you’ll discover just how big it is. You could spend weeks driving around and still not see everything. In short, you really need time to do justice to Alaska. Plan for at least a month from start to finish. If you have the time, make it six or eight weeks.

Get Books and Maps

The availability of smartphones and mobile apps have pretty much put the kibosh on books and maps for most lower forty-eight travel. But if you are planning to drive in Alaska, you’re going to need those books and maps. Cell service is spotty in many parts of the state. You could be without it for hours at a time.

Do Plenty of Research

In addition to obtaining books and maps, take at least several months to research your trip before you depart. Why? Because some of the data contained in your books and maps might no longer be accurate, especially in light of the COVID emergency. For example, you might find that some of the sites you planned to see on your way through Canada are still closed, or not open to U.S. visitors.

Plan Each Day’s Journey

Gas stations, restaurants, and supermarkets are not nearly as plentiful in Alaska compared to the lower forty-eight. Therefore, you would be smart to plan each day’s journey ahead of time. Know where you are going and where you intend to stop.

Take the Right Equipment

Finally, don’t even think about a road trip to Alaska without taking the right equipment. You are going to need some cold weather gear, including RV skirting. Things can get pretty cold in Alaska most of the year. Even in the middle of summer you are not guaranteed warm nights.

Alaska is known as The Last Frontier for a reason. It is a great destination for a long road trip with your RV. Give it some thought if you’re getting ready to plan your next RV getaway.

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