Top Reasons to Try Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

SUPs, also known as stand-up paddle boarding has been around for a long time now, but this amazing water sport has recently gained momentum. Honestly speaking, stand-up paddle boarding has become one of the most loved watersport activities around the globe, and with affordable SUP board rentals from 808 Boards in Maui, you can join in the fun!

Here are some top reasons that you must try stand-up paddle boarding next time whenever you get a chance:

  • Fun for everyone

Paddles and boards are available in a vast variety of lengths, so kids to adults and everyone in between can enjoy paddling SUP Board Rentals.

  • Easy to learn

Paddle boards are stable and wide. Though there is a bit of learning needed, it does not take a very long time to get a hang of it. And, if you are a sporty person, then you will become a pro in no time. Plus, if you rent a SUP from 808 Boards, they will offer you a simple crash course, before you explore the water.

  • Exercise

When you paddle SUP, it will not only work on your shoulders and arms, but it is even a great core workout. A few people also choose for taking their yoga practice onto their stand-up paddle boarding.

  • Self-powered

Jet skis and various other motorized watersports are super fun, but when you really want to go a little more slowly under your own power, nothing can beat a kayak or SUP.

  • With group or solo

Solo stand-up paddle boarding can be your own fun activity, but you can even join a friend, or one of the SUP tours and also enjoy breathtaking sightseeing along your way.

  • Affordable

Not many watersports offer entry points, but 808 Boards paddle rentals are also available by the hour or by day at affordable prices. And, if like many SUP enthusiasts, you are crazy about stand-up paddle boarding, you will be happy to learn that in addition to tours and rentals, paddle boards are also offered for sale purposes.

  • Catch that wave

If you are in for some added adrenaline, you can also try surfing with the paddle boards. There is absolutely nothing that can match this kind of fun activity!

  • Improves your balance

The unstable boards are what makes them such an effective workout. Although, you may feel like standing still, the board’s wobbling means that all your muscles are working constantly, in order to keep your body upright. With regular and good practice, you will soon find that your balance is much better, even if you are off the water. So, this can improve your performance in several other sports too.

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